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Trouble with Sign Up & Login

Your account might have been made inactive by compliance for violating company policies.
Existing users: Please be ensured that your Facebook app or Facebook installed in device is updated. New users: Facebook account's verification is mandatory to create a Crown it account, in case the same does not happen, the app will not let you proceed with the registration.
OTP are generally not received due to network issues. It is advisory to please try again. if you are still unable to find it, please give us a call at at 7827074838 from Mon-Sat between 10 AM-8 PM, we shall help you with the same.

Notification Settings

You can add/make changes in your registered email id (which may be different from the one with which you are registered on Facebook). Your registered email id can be changed as and when you want. All communication from Mr. Bee shall be sent on this updated email id.

To change your email id, please follow the simple steps below:
  • Open the app
  • Go to "View your Profile" section
  • Make necessary changes in your email id
  • Save the changes
Simply write us here in the form below to opt-out of the SMS service.
If you wish to unsubscribe, simply scroll down to the screen of promotional email and locate the “Unsubscribe” link. By clicking on the link, you will stop receiving emails from us.

Profile Settings

We are really unhappy to see you going. We’d love to know your reason of Mr. Bee account deactivation and will be happy to assist accordingly. Please let us know the reason/suggestion in the below given form.
To add a secondary number to your account, please follow the below mentioned steps-
  • Go to ‘View Your Profile’ section
  • Click on Accounts
  • Tap on "Add Account"
  • Enter the Secondary Number, Network Operator and Type
  • Tap on Save
This information can only be edited once in 30 days, so make sure your enter the details correctly. If it has already been 30 days and you are yet not been able to edit this information, please write to us in the form below.
To always give your referrer, extra 10% crowns on your bill earnings, please follow the simple steps below-

Go to “View Your Profile” section
Tap on Settings
Select 'Always Give Extra Earnings To [Your Referrer's Name] When I Earn Crowns'
To change your current city, follow the simple steps below-
Open the app
On the top left side of the home page you will find your default city name
Tap on the city name to open the drop down from where you can select your current location
To hide your visits, please follow simple steps mentioned below:
Go to ‘View your Profile’ section
Tap on Settings
Tick ‘Hide my Visits' Date from Friends
To disable the Crown Pass sound, please follow below mentioned steps:
Go to 'View your Profile' section
Tap on ‘Settings’
Disable the Crown Pass sound
To update your profile information, please follow the simple steps:
Open the app
Go to the 'View your Profile' section
Make necessary changes & Save

If you are still unable to update, please write to us in the form.

Account Set Up & Log-in

A user can have only one account on Mr. Bee.

Each account must be registered through a unique mobile device. Any duplication in this regards is against company policies. Multiple accounts can be deactivated without prior intimation to the user.
Currently, we do not have any other means of registration except Facebook.
A user must be of 15 years or above to use Crown it.
Mr. Bee is currently available in following cities:
Delhi / NCR
Soon, will be launching in few more cities. Stay connected.
You can sign up with using your Facebook account. Currently, we do not have any other means of registration except Facebook.


Lifestyle Vouchers

Every Voucher has its own terms and conditions of purchase. Please refer the terms and conditions section of the particular Voucher.


Following are the Terms & Conditions for restaurant category check-ins:
Only one check-in / outlet / day is permitted.
Please read the outlet specific terms and conditions before check-in.
Maximum crowns for non-star (non-partner) outlets is capped at 100 crowns.
To know more, please write to us at info@mrbee.in
Star category outlets are our special category outlets which give our users more benefits in terms of cash backs. All star outlets are our partner outlets.
Steps to make a check-in are as follows:
  • Visit any of the outlets listed with Mr. Bee
  • Have a meals and pay your bill
  • Search outlet on the app
  • Tap on Spin wheel and get a percentage of cashback
  • Tap on the button “Cashback” appearing at the bottom of your screen and click bill picture
  • Click onto the tick mark to send the bill picture.
  • Tag a friend to share crowns OR click on 'No Thanks'
  • Wait within the outlet until a Bill Pass gets generated.
  • Please do not cancel the generated Bill Pass
  • Once the Bill Pass gets approved from our end (which sometimes may take up to 24 hours), you will get the crowns credited in your account which can further be redeemed at any of our e-commerce partners.
Points to keep in mind while taking the bill picture:
  • keep the camera lens parallel to the surface on which the bill is kept and hold the camera at a height such that it captures all the four corners of the bill.
  • Make sure the picture you taken taken is not blurred/hazy.
Note: Please retain the bill copy until you get the requisite cashback.
For F&B, crown percentage gets decided after spinning the wheel (Don't forget to check max crowns in the description of the outlet)

For Beauty & Purchases, The cash back percentage offered is reflected on the app page of that particular outlet.
The cashback percentages and maximum cashbacks are now dynamic and different for all users. They are decided by multiple factors like user city, user check-in history and like. It would thus be advisable for all users to check their maximum cashbacks for the respective outlet and purchases they are visiting.
The maximum cashback for each outlet and purchase is mentioned on the outlet's app page besides the address. In case of promo code, the maximum cashback offered is as per the terms and conditions of that promo code.
If you avail any particular scheme or buy any specific offer like Extra 10% on first star outlet check-in in Birthday Week, the maximum cashback percentage one can avail is 50%. Under no circumstance, user will not get more than 50% of the bill unless specified otherwise.
Grace cashback is a complimentary cashback given to users in case their bill image do not meet the regular bill processing eligibiltiy criteria.
In the app you will notice, a range of cashback reflecting for every restaurant for example – 15-20%. Now you may wonder what this means for you?
You can spin the meter and try your luck to find a particular cashback on the respective outlet. You simply have to open the app's outlet page and tap on spin to try your luck and get a cashback between in the specified range depending on where the meter will stop.

Terms of the Spin-
You get a first spin free for one particular outlet and if you are still dissatisfied with the result of the spin, you may spin again but at a nominal cost which will be reflecting on the app's outlet page. This cost incurred, even if by mistake, is non-refundable. The deal remains active for a particular time period; the same gets reflected under active deals in the side drawer of the app (the panel that opens when you tap on uppermost left bars).
An image that has all four corners of the bill visible, in which all information is not only readable but also nothing obstructs the view of this information, is a complete and clear bill image.
We only accept one bill per outlet by a user in one day. Therefore, in case you receive two bills for the same order, either get one single bill made for your order or choose the bill on which you want cashback and upload the same.
If you feel you have made a wrong check-in and are still in the outlet, you can cancel the bill pass that shows up as pending. You can find the same in pending bill pass section in the side drawer of the app. Simply tap on the pass, click on 'Cancel' and make a fresh check-in.
When you tag your friends in your bills, the requisite cashback is equally distributed among all the tagged friends. So, if you are hanging out with your friends and sharing your bill, why not too share the crowns earned on the bill!
Please note that reloading a bill, in which you have/have been tagged, will lead to declination of this bill and may affect your eligible to redeem count.
Steps to tag your friend are as follows-
Check-in at an outlet
Tap on “Cashback” button
Click the bill image and send it
When the App asks to tag friends, type their names to search your contact list and add them

After the process is finished, you get the usual crown pass while your friends get a notification to accept your tag request. If they accept the tag request, they become eligible to share crowns and if they decline it, they lose that chance to share the crowns. When they accept the request, Mr. Bee automatically checks their current location to confirm their presence at the corresponding outlet, so they must not close the app immediately after accepting the request.

Note: Therefore, it is necessary that your friends should have downloaded the App beforehand and his internet and GPS should be switched on. It would be better if they keep the app idle so that the appropriate notification does not get rejected.
If you are still at the outlet, you can cancel the pending pass and check-in again. When you make a fresh check-in, you will be able to find the option to tag.
To cancel the bill pass, open the "pending" bill pass and press "Cancel".
You may keep the bills side by side and then click the bill picture in one shot and upload the same.br> However, if there happen to be different bill numbers on the given bills, please choose the bill on which you want cashback and upload the same. This is because we only accept one bill /outlet / day by a user.
It is always advisable to retain your bill until you get your requisite cashback just as you retain your credit card receipt until the bank clears the transaction because it is an important and valid proof of the same.
You can upload a maximum of 3 bills. However, only one bill of one particular outlet. So you can basically upload 3 bills per day of 3 different outlets in a day.
Your bill is in the processing queue. Action will be taken within 24 hours.


Purchased vouchers get delivered on user's registered email Id within 24 hours of receiving a payment. In case you do not receive the voucher within the given time frame, please feel free to contact us through the form given below:
The transaction cannot be cancelled or reversed once the voucher get delivered to user.
In case your voucher request is still pending (even after 48 hours of purchase), you can simply apply for cancellation by fillng up the given form.
Note: Once the request get cancelled before delivery of voucher, the provided 'Extra Crowns' (earned through the purchase) will automatically be deducted.
Please refer "How to Redeem" section in category "Movies" on the app.
Please refer "Terms & Condition" of the vouchers in purchase section.
The E-gift card is valid for all purchases done online through www.pvrcinemas.com [Movie Tickets and F&B menu present online (if applicable)].
Yes, a voucher can be used on more than one transaction. A user can re-use the remaining amount in voucher whenever s/he wants and also multiple vouchers can be used in a single booking.


Based on your location and the type of services that you are looking for, Mr. Bee provides you multiple fitness studios and gym options. Currently, we are making bookings only through our application. We guarantee you the best price for any service/ package which you buy through Mr. Bee.
You can choose any Gym/Fitness studio which fits in your criteria and can book the package by paying on the app. Once we receive the payment, we will confirm your booking. You will receive an SMS and email with the relevant details.
You will get follow up calls from the Merchants/Mr. Bee Support Team to assist you further with your booking.
Of course, you can gift a package to your friend.
Just mention the name of the person you want to gift this package on receiving the confirmation call from Mr. Bee/ Merchant.
Cancellation would be accepted only before the enrollment and within 48 hours of the booking.
No cancellation would be accepted after the enrollment.
For any further information, please write us below:
Yes, you have to mention that you are a Mr. Bee user during the booking session. Show the confirmation email which you have received from Mr. Bee while booking.


Based on your location and the tests that you want to get done, Mr. Bee provides multiple diagnostic lab options for you. Currently we are making booking only through our application.
You can choose any lab which fits in your criteria and can book the package by paying on the App. Once we receive the payment, we will confirm your booking. You will be notified via SMS and email with the relevant details.
You will get follow up calls from the Merchants to check your availability for home sample collection. In case of lab visit, you need to call the lab for appointment booking.
We assure you the best price for all services/packages.
It’s simple. Select your preferred package and pay through app. We guarantee you the best price for every service/ package. Trouble facing while making payment, please write us below:
The test report will be sent by the diagnostic lab on your given email id or at your address by courier. In case there is delay in receiving report within the committed timeline, kindly contact Lab.
Cancellation would be accepted only 24 hrs before scheduled visit for sample collection. You can write us below for the cancellation. We will come back to you for the confirmation of same.
Note: No cancellation would be accepted after sample collection or testing done.
Yes, advance booking is needed. Your order will be sent to the selected diagnostic lab and sampling will be done as per your mentioned timings.
No, you don’t have to mention any such info during the booking session.

Some hotels take as much as 24 hours before they provide a confirmation number. If you do not receive any confirmation within 24 hours, please write us below or call at +91-7827074838.
Specific hotel information such as property address, phone number, amenities and other details are available on app. If you are still unable to find something which you are looking for, please call us at +91-7827074838
To complete a reservation for someone else, simply type in his or her name instead of yours for the passenger/traveller name. Your profile information (e.g. name, address, phone number, etc.) will be used as a default. However, you may type over the appropriate fields and replace them with the actual traveller’s information.
You will get the confirmation email on the email id you provided which will be your Hotel confirmation.
This e-mail will include your booking and fare details.
You may also confirm your reservation by checking "My Bookings" section on our app.
Though such cases happens rarely when one is paying through net banking and are usually the result of a slow internet connection.
To know why this can happen, it's better to know a little of how net-banking payment works:
Once a customer selects the bank and hits the “Pay” button, the Mr. Bee app redirects the customer to bank’s website where he makes the payment.
Once the payment is done the bank redirects the customer to Mr. Bee app where the booking is done (after the payment is verified).
Once this is done, the confirmation page is displayed and the voucher sent to the customer's email.
If you are an Indian Citizen, you can use your Voter ID card, Driving License, Ration card or Passport and your Visa/Passport if you are a Non-Resident/Foreign National.
Please note PAN card is not accepted as valid identity proof in Hotels.
The hotel's phone number will be sent to you by email upon completing the booking. You don’t need to call the hotel for confirming your booking. We have a team that ensures re-confirmation of your booking with the hotel.
Room which is available is clearly mentioned before you proceed for booking on our app.
Mr. Bee tries to give you the cheapest deals on hotels!
So, in case you find better rates anywhere else, do let us know here with other websites screenshot page and we will see if we can give an even better deal!
Note: This offer is not valid if there is any promotion running on other website/app.
Please contact your Hotel at the numbers provided in booking confirmation voucher.
You can cancel your Hotel booking on our app in "My Bookings" section, under more options.
In case you have not booked your stay, you can check a Hotel’s cancellation policy on our app in cancellation charges section. In case you have already booked your Hotel with us, please check booking confirmation voucher. It will have the details of cancellation charges.
This facility is currently unavailable in Mr. Bee. You can cancel your existing booking and make a new one.

Spa & Salon

If the Salon/Spa is unable to accept your desired booking, full refund will be done automatically. Please refer to our Refund Policy.
Rates mentioned are the starting price of the service and it will vary dependent on various factors. Please pay the differential amount in Cash (or any other form accepted by the Merchant) at the Outlet itself.
In case of appointment, we suggest you to directly call the Merchant and plan accordingly.
Please carry the SMS & e-mail to the outlet manager.
Select your favourite outlet from the Beauty Category and simply select from the services you would like to enjoy. Click on Pay now and pay through any of the options listed in the App.
As user receive the email & SMS confirmation instantly once the purchase is done.
Simply show the email to the merchant to avail the services you have booked.
In the case of Beauty, once purchased vouchers cannot be cancelled.
If the Salon / Spa is unable to accept your confirmation mail, full refund will be done. Please fill in the given form.
You can go to the outlet page on the app and select the service you would like to have and pay through the app itself. For any other cases, you can simply pay the differential amount in cash (or any other form accepted by the Merchant) at the outlet itself.
For cancellation of the booking, please give a call on 7827074838 or fill the form below.
Since, we are on this prepaid model, you don't have to upload the bill.