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Mr. BEE for Your Business

Mr.BEE is in the online-offline mobile application based services with a focus on the Hyperlocal space.

We provide ready to use customer engagement solutions to majorly SMEs.

Help client’s increase digital presence, consumer base, customer engagement on mobile Platform, repeat buying and ltimately increase sales.

Customized solutions based on business needs, target markets and margins.

Whether it's a standalone local store, a chain of stores,  an e-com merchant, franchisee or a franchisor, we have a solution ready for all.

With our cutting-edge technology and deep market insights, we help clients increase Revenues in almost no-time, without adding any more sales force or infrastructure.

Fully flexible, can work in parallel complementing client’s existing loyalty program & customer engagement tools.

Happy Customer = Repeat Purchase = Referrals = Higher revenues

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Loyalty Program

Customized Loyalty Program Solutions to suit your Business Model, you can integrate your existing loyalty program with the app or get a customized loyalty program designed by us to be integrated with Mr. BEE User App or run through Mr. BEE Merchant App.

Affiliate Marketing

Use our in depth behavioural analytics to effectively connect with your preferred target audience. Your campaigns will have best LTV: CAC as you will understand their needs better and offer your products and services accordingly.

Brand Engagement

The ‘Fun’ tab on the app is specially designed for customer engagement and brand identity building activities. Allocating huge media spends for advertisements in Radio, Television, and Newspaper are passé. Reach out to broader customer base across brands and reward them with loyalty points percolating to additional sales and new customer acquisition. Run your brand–centric games, take customer feedback right on the app and much more to engage with them.

Referral marketing

When your customer has a good customer experience at your online or offline store, and that too at an attractive deal, there is a great possibility that he would love to talk about it to everyone he finds around him at home, school, college and workplace. To add to this, the app allows him to share and exchange deals and brand loyalty points with his friends and family, who are also on the app. This ensures that word about your brand spreads far and wide.

Customer’s influence is the life blood of your Brand

Word of mouth recommendations from a satisfied customer is the most valuable form of marketing

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User enters Bill & Redemption Value and generates a QR code & as well an OTP.

Merchant Scans the QR Code or enter the OTP in billing system.

Mr. BEE system authenticates and approves the transaction.